About Wonder Tracker

Wonder Tracker is a place to celebrate wonder, particularly the delicious sense of wonder we experience when exposed to the natural environment. If you are a curious person, you already find yourself marveling at the wonder of the natural world and experience joy in everyday encounters with nature. Ramp up your wonder by searching for the trappings of design and purpose and help your children, grandchildren and friends do the same.

Challenge yourself and others to cultivate wonder and find the story behind the things you wonder about… from the tiny leaf quietly unfurling outside your window, to the mighty grey whale pushing through deep water, you will be astounded at their incredible design, both individually and as part of the larger community in which they reside.

Start by simply going outside. The flowerpot by your door is a start. Search the ground, foliage and sky for a wonder trigger, then let your mind simmer with questions and more wonder. Curiosity is the bedrock of wonder, but it is fragile and if not nurtured, can be buried in avalanche of daily demands. Follow those fleeting ripples of wonder into the forest, meadow, seashore, local park, or your own back yard… become a regular Wonder Tracker.

Pacific Wonder Tracker is specific to the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest. Whether you live here, plan to visit, or just have a curious mental itch, enjoy reading about wonders you may encounter in coastal Washington and Oregon. Every post will include a snapshot of information to whet your appetite for tracking wonder, as well as questions to ask yourself or your children as you enjoy natural spaces. Posts will also feature noteworthy locations, events and organizations to help you discover your own unique style of tracking wonder. Occasionally, Wonder Tracker will offer meet ups to track wonder together in this spectacular region.

If you need more reasons to set aside wonder tracking time, check out 10 Benefits of Wonder Tracking for You and Your Family.

About the Author

Professional Teacher and Purveyor of Curiosity, Wonder and Discovery. Amateur Artist, Photographer, Writer, Hiker, Gardener, Beach Naturalist. Collector of shells, rocks, nests, antlers, bones, spirals, fungus, seeds, pods and cones, maps, things with extraordinary design, islands, friends who wonder, cats who wander … the collection is growing.

I am fortunate enough to spend half the year in beautiful Kitsap County, Washington, situated between urban Seattle and the wild Olympic Peninsula.  This region is a treasure trove for wonder tracking, so I spend a lot of time traipsing the soft woodland trails and exploring the shoreline by foot or kayak. My camera and  sketch pad are my constant companions.  There is literally no end to wonder-triggering subject matter, and I am always a bit disappointed when it is time to go inside.

The other half of the year, I become a desert rat and track wonder in the exotic Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Desert Wonder Tracker is my other life and each year, I make the mental shift from wet and vibrant green to dry and muted sage. The flora and fauna of the two regions deal with vastly different issues, and both areas are spectacularly diverse… the perfect trigger for wonder.

As I move through natural spaces, I am humbled by complexity and grandeur, yet simultaneously, I stand in awe of the beautiful simplicity and connectedness found only in the setting of nature.  The more I explore the plants, animals and processes in nature, the more I am overwhelmed by it and long to understand it more deeply. I hope to help others, especially children, reap the benefits of time spent peering into the wonders of nature, and in doing so, discover purpose and design.

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