Bluehand or Blueband Hermit Crab


IMG_3910 (1)
Blueband Hermit Crab – Look for movement in the openings of abandoned shells

All hermit crabs have a soft body, so have to find a sturdy shell in which to live. Look for shells that are moving in tide pools and puddles.

This hermit crab has unusual looking walking legs.  Look for dull green or brown body with beautiful bright blue bands circling each of the walking legs near the tips.

Another identifying feature is their bright red unbanded antennae.

Hermit crabs grow and need to move into larger shells from time to time.  Sometimes they stay in their old shell too long and look like someone whose pants are too small!

Hermit crabs can be carefully handled.  When you pick one up, it will quickly retreat into the shell, but if you are still, it may venture back out. Its claws are not big enough to cause anything more than a little tickle.

See other small hermit crabs Grainyhand Hermit and Hairy Hermit, which is the most common shoreline hermit.

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