Eggs on the Beach!


Lacuna snail ring-shaped eggs can sometimes be found in abundance attached to kelp, seaweed or eelgrass
IMG_7529 2
Japanese Oyster Drill Snail Eggs. The pink color indicates that the animal inside is dead.
Plainfin Midshipman eggs found on the underside of rocks and guarded by the male.
Not sure on this one….Lacuna Periwinkle or Sea Lemon???
Barnacle Eating Dorid and Egg Slime
Barnacle Eating Dorid with eggs
Barnacle Eating Dorid Eggs
Eggs of Barnacle Eating Dorid
Shaggy Mouse Nudibranch eggs
Shaggy mouse nudibranch eggs
Dogwinkle snail eggs are pointy capsules attached to rocks by a thin stalk.  These eggs look fairly fresh.
Dogwinkle snail eggs. If they have a visible hole on the end, they are empty.  If they are pink, it means the snail inside is dead.

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