Hairy Hermit Crab

Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 8.35.13 AM

Look for noticeable narrow white band on lower segments of each walking leg, sometimes with a blue spot on upper portion of the same segment.

Brownish antennae have distinct bands.

Hermit crabs grow and need to move into larger shells from time to time.

Crab might be covered with fine hair. The hairy hermit crab often moves into shells that seem to be too small for it.

 Sometimes they stay in their old shell too long and look like someone whose pants are too small!

Hermit crabs can be carefully handled.  When you pick one up, it will quickly retreat into the shell, but if you are still, it may venture back out. Its claws are not big enough to cause anything more than a little tickle.

See other small hermit crabs Grainyhand Hermit and Blue-handed Hermit, which is the most common shoreline hermit.

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