Orange Sea Cucumber

Orange Sea Cucumber
Tentacles catch floating plankton, algae, etc. and deposit into the central mouth.

This sea cucumber is bright red or orangish. You might see it hanging from the underside of rocks or a flash of bright color deep under.

If it is submerged, it might extend its 10 tentacles to catch tiny food particles in the water. It is a treat to watch this cucumber eat.  It will push one of its bushy tentacles into its mouth, then pull it out while another tentacle takes its turn.

If disturbed, the sea cucumber will rapidly pull in its tentacles and shrink in size to what looks like a short fat worm.

For more information, read Snapshot – Orange Sea Cucumber

Ten tentacles begin to expand in order to filter the water for food.
Tentacles are pulled in when not feeding.
Orange sea cucumbers hanging from the underside of a large rock at low tide.

Orange Sea Cucumber
Sea cucumbers can expel water to become quite compact.


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