Socially Safe (SS) Wonder Tracking

Are you going bonkers inside?  Are you longing to get out and enjoy creation with others?  So are we!

Tracking wonder is best when we can explore the treasure trove of God’s natural design together, so what can we do in the midst of a pandemic?  The next best thing… SS Wonder Tracking… that is Socially Safe Wonder Tracking!

June is a month full of great low tides, so we thought we might try SS Wonder Tracking out on the beach to see how it goes.


Here’s how it works:

Part of Socially Safe Wonder Tracker involves using your phone to read QR codes which will have information about some of the things you might be seeing.

1. Test your phone (see below) to make sure it reads QR codes (most newer phones can automatically).  If it doesn’t, use the following links to enable it to do so.

To Test your phone: Aim your phone camera at the QR code below.  It should give you the option to go to the pacific wonder tracker website.  If that works, you are ready and don’t need the links above.Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 12.00.27 PM2. Meet us at any of the locations in the schedule below.  Check to see if a Discover Pass is required. When you arrive at the beach or trail head, you will see a white board with reminders for SS Wonder Tracking.  


  • Look for red Wonder Tracker flags in the area. They will be numbered. Start with #1 if no one is there and proceed numerically if the next flag is “open.”
  • Keep a distance of at least 6 feet from others not in your family group.
  • Refrain from touching the creatures, plants and/or rocks featured right by the flags so that animals are not over-handled and surfaces are not repeatedly touched.  It’s a big area, so feel free to touch with a gentle touch in other areas away from the flags. Thanks for not touching creatures after using hand sanitizer, which can harm the animal.
  • Look for QR Codes on some of the flags. Scan code with your phone to learn a few facts about the featured creature.
  • Wonder Trackers Paul and Sharon will be on the beach, so feel free to text us with questions or comments. Our number will be on the white board.

3. This is a new adventure.  Please write or text your honest feedback to us so we can keep tweaking the experience.  None of us know how long we will need to keep  social safety on our minds, but we DO know that we are all happier and healthier when we can be out tracking wonder!

2020 SS Wonder Tracking Adventure Schedule

Check back here often as we will be updating regularly.

We are still not able to conduct an organized adventure safely, but we encourage you to go to the beaches with your family.  Once we are given the green light, we will plan some wonder tracking adventures and post dates, times and locations here.