Lion’s Mane Jelly

Lion’s Mane Jelly

The largest species of jelly in the world! Although most are much smaller, the largest found have been over 6 feet across with tentacles that can reach lengths of over 100 feet!

The Lion’s Mane Jelly is named for the showy tentacles that look like a lion’s mane when it is in the water. Look for 8 scallops or lobes around the edges.  Each lobe can have between 70 and 150 tentacles.

Look at the 8 indentations between the lobes.  That is where the jelly has 8 balancing organs that help the jelly orient itself.

Size seems to dictate coloration. Larger specimens are a vivid crimson to dark purple while smaller specimens grade to a lighter orange or tan, occasionally colorless.

The 1,000+ tentacles are lined with stinging cells that stun its prey.  The sting can be very painful to humans.

They are most often spotted in late summer and autumn when they have grown large and the currents push them toward our shoreline.


This Lion’s Mane Jelly has been on the beach a long time so is falling apart.


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