Tidepool Sculpin

Tidepool Sculpin?

The tide pool sculpin is common in tide pools in rocky areas and under rocks.

Look for a small, slender fish that typically is not more than 4 inches long.

Sculpins can vary in coloring from red-brown to green. They are usually striped with 5 irregular dark saddles across the back.

If you can see the gill cover, look for a single, forked spine on it.

Sculpins seem to be tolerant to changes in tide pool water temperature throughout the day.

They can also use their sense of “smell” to find their way back to their original tide pool if displaced.

Tidepool Sculpin
Due to the striped saddles across his back, this plainfin midshipman might fool you into thinking it is a sculpin. The midshipman is a member of the Toadfish family and is fairly chunky with wide set eyes.



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