Sea Anemones

Aggregating green anemone
Aggregating anemone live in colonies and multiply their numbers by budding.  Look for anemones that look elongated or stretched.  One anemone is budding an exact copy of itself.
Aggregating anemone colony at low tide.


Aggregating Anemone Colony
Aggregating anemone colony
These aggregating anemones are attached to rocks in the sand and live in colonies.  If they grow to the edges of another colony, the anemones on the perimeter will actually fight the “foreign” colony.
Moonglow anemones also can have pink tipped tentacles, BUT they differ from the aggregating anemone due to the white bands seen on their tentacles.  They also tend to be more solitary and bury themselves during low tide.
Moonglow anemones


Painted anemone also called Christmas anemone
Stubby rose anemone is also called beaded anemone
Giant green anemone derived their beautiful green color from the algae that live inside them.
Giant green anemone
Giant green anemone
Aggregating anemone has pink tipped tentacle and NO white stripes or bands. Compare to their relatives the moonglow anemone.
Giant Plumose Anemone
Giant plumose anemone

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