Rare Day in the Desert

Scottsdale, AZ – The Sonoran Desert enjoys a picturesque snowfall every so often, but it is usually a light dusting of fluffy white, just enough to delight desert dwellers with an unusual and beautiful sight. This week was different… incredibly, indescribably different.  Thirty five years in the desert and I have never seen anything like it.

A rare cold, wet storm blew into town on Thursday and began dumping snow, flake by flake. By Friday night, our neighborhood was almost unrecognizable.  At least 6 inches of powdery snow covered the ground and weighed heavily on brittle desert plants and trees.

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Over two days, we spent hours wandering familiar trails, although we gave up on trying to find actual paths and just enjoyed meandering over the foreign landscape, cameras in hand, wonder in full gear. It was fascinating to observe animals weathering the drastic change and to study their tracks carved into the crunchy ground cover.  People greeted each other with enthusiasm and a shared joy.

It was truly a rare day of unrestrained wonder.  Where ever you live, those kind of days will come.  Be ready to seize the day and track wonder…


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Images: SPegany, © 2019

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