Goodbye Walk

Scottsdale, AZ – I have been trekking in the Sonoran Desert for over five months.  Winter here is sublime.  It is a time when my bones dry out and my mind fills with the sights, scents, tastes and textures found only in the desert. I have become so attuned to the rhythms and patterns of nature, noticing minuscule changes… brilliant light and sharp shadows, the scratch of a lizard’s claw on rock,  and a cactus flower that unfurls only at night.  Desert encounters.

But it is time.  Time to turn our wagon north and return once again to the wet and green of western Washington.  Time to say good bye to the desert and leave it to do what it does so well… survive in the face of severe conditions.  While I am gone, the land and all its amazing inhabitants will see temperatures that can quickly kill… 110° and higher with little to no rain for weeks on end.

I’ve started my goodbye walks and never fail to find something unique that piques my curiosity and wonder. I will miss the sages and rocks, cactus and scampering creatures, bold skies and the rise of craggy mountains covered with ancient boulders. Most of all, I will miss the sense of vastness and countless places waiting to be explored – until next time….

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Images: SPegany©2019

IMG_20181111_170205455_HDRIMG_7155IMG_7116Bloody NetWinged BeetleMaster Blister BeetleMaster Blister BeetlesIMG_7006HedgehogThistleIMG_6353Canyon WrenIMG_6161IMG_5830IMG_5715Cotton Tailed RabbitLong Earred OwlIMG_5303SPeganyGooseneckTrail2019IMG_5238IMG_5231Scorpion WeedIMG_5206IMG_5203IMG_5192ChiaIMG_5112IMG_5084IMG_4818IMG_4791IMG_4658IMG_4651IMG_4479IMG_4366IMG_4227IMG_4209SaguaroIMG_4048IMG_4016IMG_3979IMG_3991IMG_3966IMG_3985IMG_3943IMG_3905IMG_3879IMG_3918IMG_3866IMG_3848IMG_3741IMG_3762IMG_3701IMG_3655IMG_3633IMG_3631IMG_3590IMG_3561IMG_3450IMG_3306VerdinIMG_3190IMG_3188IMG_3184IMG_3160IMG_3158IMG_3145IMG_3098IMG_3065IMG_3058IMG_3039IMG_3001SPeganyJack(c)2019SPeganyCoyote(c)2019SPegany(c)2019SPegany(c)2019




Images: SPegany ©2019

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